If you have a pet dog at your home, it becomes very crucial to keep yourself educated and apprised with all types of dog food available in your country. That is why we have created a list of all types of dog products available online in India which can help you impart your pet a comfortable and cozy life it deserves.

Here is our comprehensive list of dog products in India which you can buy online.

Dog Food Supplies

Dry Food

With less to worry about the storage and your wallet, Dry food provides the essential nourishment that will be munched on delightfully, whilst maintaining the canines of your canine.

Wet Food

A bowl of wet food is a supper that your dog loves the most, resembling its favorite meat and packed with hydration, minerals, and vitamins that add nutrition to taste.

Premium Food

Choose to care with premium dog food that has high-quality proteins, no artificial dyes, and added antioxidants and vitamins. Everything that your pet needs, nothing it doesn’t.

Puppy Food

Puppies require twice as many calories, protein, fat, and other vitamins as an adult dog does! Puppy food is custom made to give just the right nutrients and in the right ratio.

Health Supplements

Not just you, but your four-legged, furry friend needs the vital vitamins as well. The health supplement is your one-stop destination for that and with it, their mobility improves, as well as their immunity.

Dog Treats Supplies

Cookies, Biscuits and snacks

The way to your dog’s heart goes through its tummy. So why not get him a snack that makes its tail wag, and your task of training becomes much easier.


A dog is meant to chew, but not your shoe or furniture. Instead of suppressing their innate desire, give them a rawhide that keeps their teeth healthy and jaws strong.


Poor dental health might make your pet sick. Your solution- dog bones. They maintain clean teeth and keep them plaque-free, distract from negative behavior, and provide fresh breath.

Dog Grooming Supplies

Shampoos & Conditioners

Say goodbye to skin allergies, scratching sores, and bacterial infection. With Dog shampoo and conditioners, that are based on a non-toxic, organic formula that keeps that furry coat healthy and shiny.

Grooming Brushes

Grooming your dog requires a lot of efforts. To ease up on the brushing part, we’ve got grooming brushes that remove lose undercoat, mats and tangled hair, which results in a healthier, shinier coat.

Hair Removal Mitts and Rollers

Brushing your pet just got easier- with our Hair Removal Mitts and Rollers that help you brush away dirt, grime, and loose hair. They work with dogs of all shapes and sizes, too.

Flea & Tick Control

It’s much easier to prevent a flea or tick infestation than to help an existing one. Keep your dog away from skin allergies of all kinds with Flea & Tick Control supplies

Dog Collars/ Belts Supplies


Dog collar is one of the most common and oldest dog accessory, and for a good reason. It helps you train your dog better and correct its behavior, if needed.


A dog doesn’t know what is not meant to be touched , sniffed or bitten but you do. Get a leash for your beloved pet’s safety and others’ as well.


You may not realize but that collar might be hurting your furry friend. Switch to a harness today, which disperses the pressure over a larger area of the body instead of the neck and lower back.

Dog Toys Supplies

Chew Toys

Chewing is not a bad habit for dogs, instead, it’s good exercise. So, keep your pet amused and orally healthy with a chew toy that gets his jaws going like anything.

Squeak Toys

Squeak toys are a wonderful way to let your dog know that his bites are working. The auditory response they give when squeezed keeps your dog motivated and most importantly, happy.


Dogs love to chase and fetch stuff and what’s a better object for that purpose than a dog ball. Give your pet hours of entertainment and exercise with a dog ball.

Dog Beds Supplies


The perfect fix is the cozy dog beds that provide a comfortable nap for your adorable pet if you can’t let your dog sleep with you and at the same time worry that it might catch a cold if allowed to sleep on the floor.

Bed Blankets

Dogs are extremely sensitive to temperature and need protection against the cold. So, keeping it warm and cozy on the colder days should be your topmost priority, with dog blanket, of course!

Sofas & Chairs

You may be okay with the dog smell and hair, but your guests may not be. So, instead of giving your pet sofa privileges, you can give them their own sofa.


A place just for himself, that makes him feel protected and secure. Dog house gives your dog all of that, and something very essential, his very own territory.


Dogs need shelter, just like you do. Leaving them out in the open is a risk to themselves and others. So, get your dog a kennel to keep him safe and confined.


A growing dog is full of energy and puts its nose everywhere. Prevent it and others from harm, with a Pen that secures their area, but never restricts them.

Dog Feeding Supplies


Get a dog bowl for your furry today. It is a dish specially designed to aid the process of feeding your pet. It is skid and spill-resistant and keeps your floor clean.

Water Bottles

If you and your pooch love outdoors, you have to make sure you keep it well hydrated. It is much more hygienic, safe, and convenient compared to other options around.

Dog Clothes/ Dog Apparel Supplies


Their furry coat isn’t enough! Dogs get a lot of support from clothing. Especially, Dog shirts that discourage scratching and keep your dog warm, cozy, and adds a room for personal bonding between you two.

Cold Weather Coats

Winter is the time, your dog may need some extra care. You should get your buddy a cold-weather coat that adds another layer of protection against the weather.


Let your cute little friend have a bit of dress-up. You can bond better with them. With dog costumes, that are custom-fabricated, with your pet’s size, skin, comfort, and mobility into consideration.

Dog Litter Supplies

Poop Scoopers and Bags

Steering towards a course of better hygiene, can’t just be helped with potty training. Keep your home healthy, with dog poop-scoopers and bags. They make your life clean and easy.

Training Pads

Be it training your young puppy or caring for your old dog. Dog pads come in handy at every stage of a dog’s life. An easily disposable solution to its sanitary problems.


Many problems are faced by dog owners as their pet grows old. Dog Diapers are a perfect, disposable solution for handling your dog’s urinary incontinence, excitable urination, and marking.

Dog Accessory Supplies

Training and Behavior Aids

Being a responsible pet parent it is essential that you help out your dog with training and behavior aids like an anti-bite mask, training collar, outdoor dog repellent to ensure they are well-behaved and safe

Doors, Gates, and Ramps

Dog doors and ramps give your pet a sense of confidence and support, to move around the house as they intend. Dog gates help you control that freedom, as per your needs.

Carriers and Travel Products

Don’t leave your dog at mercy of your neighbors. Let it see the world with you, with dog carriers and other travel products that strengthen the bonds you share with your cute little friend.